The advent of car care coatings and the process involved

Cars are a blessing to the human kind in a multitude of manners. The most important one being the inherent pride one takes while acquiring and owning one. The most important factor of owning a car is the sheer rush of emotions one feels while just gazing at the car being parked in the garage. This feeling however is often at risk due to the issues one faces while being on the streets, driving the vehicle. A number of issues make a huge list of concern for the proud owner who take their car to be an extended part of their true family.

The occasion of seeing a ton of bird droppings on the car, with the droppings eating away at the glossy paint, can render heart break in the any car owner. The miniature accident, with a minor bump or a scratch on the panels, can induce feverish conditions in any person who loves cars. The mode of rampant traffic violation puts the car owners at greater risk from scratches and bumps in the recent days. Therefore, today the need for professional help to remove these issues via car care coatings is all the more important and absolutely essential to people all across the globe.

There are currently two major category if treatment which might be imparted for the protection of a car. The first one being the Teflon coating and the second one being the Ceramic coating for sustaining the surface of the car for a very long time. Both these are equally sustainable with their own sets of pros and cons, with none outweighing the other in terms of their individual respects. However, both of these employ the similar procedure of nurturing the car surface by forming a protective layer between the external weather conditions and the inner car surface.

Today, there has been a great advent in terms of ceramic nanotechnology based best protective coating for carsin the global arena. These coating formulas are far more advanced than the Teflon based processes due to the sheer nature of structuring they follow to ensure the coating. The Teflon processes however are cheaper and hence more approachable from a general perspective, while the ceramic paints are way more aggressively priced and are henceforth less prone to intervention. That being said, both come with their own set of issues and profits too.

Teflon paints take really very little time to be installed on the surface due to the easy going nature of polymer based wax structure. However, the bonding process for ceramic is much more in comparison. Often it requires a much more advanced technician too to achieve a well sorted out procedure. Therefore, the pricing structure associated to ceramic, with the inclusion of “Carborandum”, one of the toughest substance is also quite higher than the Teflon paints. The higher cost also translates to higher degree of protection and reliability in comparison to Teflon. Thus both offer car care coatingsin their protective layering system, but the degree of protection as well as the degree of life term varies for both with ceramic stealing the deal with better perspective on both aspects.

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