A Quick Guide To Choosing Corporate Workwear

If you run a business and you’re thinking of introducing corporate clothing for your staff, the choices you make are a lot more important than you may think. It is really important to take the time to put some real thought into the clothing you choose, as it not only benefits your company and your staff but your clients too.

If you’re not sure what exactly you need to be thinking about or you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together this quick guide to choosing workwear to help you out.

Be consistent with your branding

When purchasing corporate workwear, it is important to ensure that any branding you use is consistent with that used for your brand overall. Your uniform isn’t unlike an extra marketing tool, so it’s important to remain consistent and recognisable!

Logo, colours and font should be the same as they are on any other piece of marketing material your company has, and the overall look of the clothing should mirror your ethos

If your business portrays itself as slick and professional, then your clothing will need to be stylish and smart. Dark colours tend to look more professional, along with fitted garments.

If your business is a little more relaxed and casual, then your look can reflect this and you can have much more free reign over the clothing you choose.

This article from Business Matters explains a little bit more about how important a uniform is in terms of representing your brand and turning your employees into brand ambassadors.

Speak to your employees

Have a word with your workforce and get their opinion on any clothing you are considering, as it is important that they feel comfortable in the uniform they will end up wearing.

There are plenty of things to consider, for example, if they are going to be doing a lot of hands-on work, the uniform will need to be comfortable to wear while carrying out the work, as well as durable enough to withstand a little more wear and tear.

On the other hand, if your team work in an office environment, you will want something that looks nice and that they won’t resent putting on every morning.

At the end of the day, if your employees don’t feel comfortable in the uniforms they are wearing you won’t get the best results from your team, so be sure to take their opinions into consideration.

Stitched or printed?

In terms of logos, one of the biggest considerations is whether you want to opt for stitching or embroidery on your garments. Both have pros and cons that make them better suited to different situations, so we spoke to Stitch Embroidery to get their take. They told us:

“Stitching is definitely more hard-wearing than print is and will look a little bit more high quality, however it is definitely the more expensive option of the two and printing can be more cost-effective, particularly if you expect to be replacing garments down the line.

Printing tends to work a lot better if you have a more intricate logo, but it will have a shinier look than embroidery. Embroidery is a great choice if you want your logo to look like it is part of the garment.”

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