All about Physical Design engineer

Physical design is said to bet the step in a standard design cycle which follows the circuit design. The circuit designs representations of the components which are the design that is converted into the geometric representations of all the shapes. The geometric representation is called the integrated circuit layout.

Physical Design in VLSI

The physical design is said to be the process which transforms the circuit descriptions into the physical layout. This describes the position of the cells along with the routes for the interconnections which exist between them. The design cycle of the VLSI chips has got different consecutive steps which are from the high-level synthesis to production. The main concern of the physical design of the VLSI chips is to find the layout with the minimum area which is further the total wire length which has to be minimized.

When we move from the logical to the physical design, you can convert the data which has gathered during the logical design phase which is placed into the description of the physical database that includes constraints as well as tables. The physical design decisions are like the type of index or partitioning about the large impact which is on the query performance. In physical design, you have to map the following things.

  • Translate entities to tables.
  • Relationships to the Foreign Keys.
  • Unique Identifiers to all Unique Keys.
  • The primary Unique Identifiers to the Primary Key.

Structure of Physical design

  • Table spaces –

It is needed to be separated by the differences. The tables will be separated from the indexes with the small tables which can be separated from large tables.

  • Partitions –

It has large tables which improve the performance because of each partitioned piece which is more manageable. The partition based on the transactions dates which are in a data warehouse.

  • Indexes –

It resembles OLTP indexes.

  • Constraints –

Constraints are data warehouse than in OLTP environments which is because the data integrity is reasonable which has ensured due to the limited sources of data as well as data integrity of large files for the batch loads.

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How can it help you in Career?

If you are going for the VLSI physical designer, then you need to know about the same so that you can know how it will be helping that in the future. After you have completed the course in VLSI, you can get the variety of opportunities from many reputed companies like Intel, Cadence, Texas Instruments and many more.

The commonest jobs that are available in India are ASIC frontend designer, ASIC physical design engineer, FPGA frontend designer along with many other job options.  As it is seen that there is a very good growth in this field the demand for the same has now increased. You can get VLSI physical design engineer Bangalore if you want to pursue your career in it.

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