A Discussion On Osteoarthritis Of Hip

Inflammation of the joints is commonly known as arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the case of both and inflammation as well as an injury to a joint. Due to this the tissue of the cartilage breaks, and causes swelling, deformity and pain. Osteoarthritis progressive gradually and slowly over the years and is divided into two main categories. Primary osteoarthritis mostly affect the spine, fingers, knees,thumbs and hips. Secondary osteoarthritis occurs only after a person has encountered an accidental damage or an inflammation.

If a person previously had suffered from hemochromatosis, there is a high chance of him developing osteoarthritis in his later years. Because in hemochromatosis the arrangement of the cartilage is affected, and osteoarthritis is a disease of damage to the cartilage. The exact causes of osteoarthritis are not yet known, but a number of factors culminate in causing injury to the joint, as the person approaches old age. An obese person is most likely to develop osteoarthritis as being overweight increases the pressure on the bones, as well as the joints,disposing them to injury. In some cases where the joints are not properly formed or when there is an unusual and over activity involving the joints or the hip, osteoarthritis may develop. Genetic deformities of the cartilage can also be a causal factor of osteoarthritis.

A person who has developed osteoarthritis in the hips, is likely to experience the following  symptoms:

  • The person might feel stiffness in the joints, whenever hegets out of bed, or if he sits for a prolonged period.
  • The person faces difficulty in performing routine tasks. Disability to move the hip in minor activities.
  • The individual feels a sensation of tenderness in the joints of the hip.
  • While getting up, or sitting down, or even moving around, the individual may feel that bones are rubbing against each other.

Hip replacement surgery cost in India is inclusive of the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and hips. Needless to say that the cost is much lower than medical cost in western countries. For diagnosing osteoarthritis in any bones of the body,more than one tests are done to be sure of the pathological condition and its intensity. By conducting an abnormal X-ray the surgeon gets a clear picture of the existing condition of the joint. Whether the joints have narrowed or if there is an accidental enlargement in the margins of the joint, can be clearly visible from the X-ray. After knowing the medical history from you, he will further do a physical examination before he confirms the disease.This is basically done to assess the functioning of the hips, thereby unleashing the actual intensity of the loss of motion. Treatments of osteoarthritis aim at delivering full flexibility of utilizingthejoints and hips on the part of the patient, and leading a smooth lifestyle.

Medications along with proper rest and exercise, should be practised alongside complementary therapies in the preliminary stage of the disease. However a surgery can relieve pathologicalsymptoms easily and effectively in case of an advanced stage.

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