5 SEO Checklists You Need to Know

SEO or technically known as search engine optimization can be a hard nut to crack if you don’t understand its essential elements. But hey, you’re not the one to blame as SEO itself can be intimidating with all its technicalities. But it’s all about thoroughly researching user behavior and translating this research into rich content. To make things easier for you, here’s a roundup and summary of the top five things you must know and understand about SEO, without that many technically intimidating terms of course. This guide would hopefully help you strategize the next time you want to rank up in search engines, mainly Google.

Easily Accessible URLs

This the most significant element in SEO. Your content must be easily recognized and detected by search engines to be included in their web index. It means making sure that links to and within your website are easily ‘crawlable’ or can quickly be followed by search engine spiders. Through this, your content including any text, visuals, and other objects embedded in your page would be recognized, and your URL indexed.

Page Speed

From a consumer and search engine perspective, a web page optimized for better speed provides better service and experience. Page security is also a must, users reconsider visiting pages that would not protect their data on the internet, so it may be a good idea to amp up your page speed and security.

Quality and Commanding Content

Years ago, getting ranked was easy through bombarding people with mainly keywords and links. Today, however, search engines mainly Google, cross out content that looks spammy or unusable by people. SEO companies in Houston proved by this tip to rank up your content. It’s important nowadays to create content that’s holistic and commanding by providing information that’s extremely helpful for users. You need to know what information people are looking for on their searches and put that into one holistic content, kind of like making your content a one-stop shop for information.

Mostly Searched Keywords

To create quality content, you also need to know which keywords users often search for. This step means observing and understanding what people need and want from your services through their search words. You should use the main search word– the one mostly used– and optionally some secondary search words– those that are often used– in your content. Aligning users’ intent and wants behind their search words and your content is significant for ranking up the search ladder.

Linking Mostly Searched Keywords Effectively

After including “mostly” searched keywords in your content, it is equally important to connect these keywords subtly yet correctly. Google chooses content that is semantically and grammatically sound to help their consumers, so you as a company or organization owner should deliver content that is primarily engaging, coherent, and comprehensible. Mashing your primary and secondary keywords together in your content without thinking about it will make your content seem spammy and will be crossed out from search engine indexes, and nobody wants that.


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