Need to adjust pipes, have a look at this pipe wrench

The pipe wrench is a spanner used to use to turn soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. It has an adjustable jaw designed in such a way that it allows the user to lock the jaw to the frame in such a way that any forward pressure on the shaft would tend to bring the teeth together. These teeth are fitted in such a way that when such a pressure is applied, they turn to dig into the soft material.  They cannot be used on hardened steel hex nuts or other hardened fittings as it would damage the head.

The device:

The rigid type pipe wrench is classified by the handle and their shape and size. They are in general made using cast steel. In some cases, the body of the wrench may be made of other material such as aluminum to reduce its weight, but the teeth profile and jaw is always made using steel and steel only.

It is commonly used in building construction industry, production industry and other industries where one needs to adjust pipes. It forms the basic amenity of a worker performing plumbing jobs. It comes in various size range standard being from 3inches to 48 inches. Thus enabling the user to select from a wide range depending upon the size of a pipe he needs to adjust, in general turn it around in the desired direction.

The makers:

Pipe wrench manufacturers India have benefitted from the fact that India has a developing industrial sector and growing real estate business where many new buildings are constructed day in day out. All of them use pipes of different size and shape, and many of them cannot be used in their general form and need to be modified as per the customer requirement this is where the different types of rigid pipe wrenches come in too handy. These pipe wrenches have enabled an individual to shape the pipes according to their specific requirements.

Different types of wrenches are made keeping in mind the general requirement. Thus covering all major shapes and sizes of pipes to be rounded, turn around or modified in one way or the other. This in return has increased the demand for the wrenches, nowadays there is a special request from clientele to make a certain size of spanner wrench for suiting their purposes, as the business has also grown these unique demands are also entertained.

As the market has grown, all these rigid type pipe wrenches have also been listed online by the sellers enabling the buyer to buy it from home. The local market has seen a boom in use of these wrenches making them invest even more. This demand-supply has made the business grow even more. Now a person has many choices when it comes to the selection of a wrench he can select a different size, the different diameter of the tool, the different material used for making a handle, etc.  This kind has made it possible to find these wrenches in offline as well as online markets.

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